I happened into an interesting bit of news yesterday. TJM is coming to Africa.

TJM of course had a product presence here already through some 4x4 stores, but now will have a corporate presence and their own TJM stores. The biggest difference to us the consumers is that all TJM product lines will now be available in SA and the rest of Africa.

The stores will be 4x4 stores concentrating on kitting your 4x4, selling things like shocks, snorkels, winches, bullbars, Recovery kits, jacks (in carry bags), pro-lockers etc. TJM actually has over 3000 product lines including stuff like fridges etc.

A South African version of the Aussie website will also go live next year where you can build your 4x4 on-line and see the finished product (with a price) without even leaving your PC. I played with it a bit. Click the link.

Some pics: