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    Default Help! Drivers door lock

    I'm about to go crazy...!

    Over the past while I've been servicing my door locks and replacing the motors with new motors. All has been working well up till now. This week, I did the last door lock left, the drivers door. All went as per the previous 3 locks but when I assembled it back into the door, I found the the door wouldn't close if opened from inside. It just bounces back open - striking something in the lock.. Open from outside... no problems...

    So I disassembled and reassembled and disassembled and reassembled numerous times for 3 days.
    Then I gave up and bought a brand spanking new door lock.
    Fitted it... same problem!!!!

    If I open the door from the outside, it closes every time.
    If I open the door from the inside, it doesn't close ever. To get it to close, I have to will the exterior door handle.
    Sometimes, after I have been driving for a bit and the doors auto lock and auto unlock, I cannot open the door from the inside at all and have to wind down the window and open from the outside.
    Sometimes even this is sticky (only after a lock and unlock)
    The above scenario is IDENTICAL with the old lock and the new lock.

    I've adjusted the tapped rod which connects to the exterior handle.
    I cannot see how to adjust the cable driven inside handle.
    What am I doing wrong? What can I calibrate?

    The door worked ABSOLUTELY FINE (with the exception of the electronic lock but key worked fine) before I pulled it apart on Monday...
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    Hi I'm no expert here.i have a 1996 RR hse and wen I disassemble my door handeli broke the little arm tha holds the hole locking mec together and am looking for a replacement for weeks. I could only find a passenger door Handel and was forced to canablise the 2 handles to make a new working driver door Handel with lock. Took me about an hour . But it works. I am assuming your 99 locks are the same or simler to mine. Which means the inside handel works with a cable!? Check if the spring that returns the latch back to the normal position hasent come loose or broken. Or that one of the Arms in the lock setup is not interfering with the lock returning to position. I found yesterday that the arm wich attaches to the outside door Handel was not allowing me to open the door from out side I had not gotten the arm right in the proper position and was catching on a little screw inside a quick adjustment saw the Handel work effortless to open. I have heard some horor stories of how finicky these handles are but if u put in the effort like u do u shouldn't have a problem and the handles should work some pics if u can would love to see if it's the same locks. I didn't bother to find out from the stealers if they have the repair kits that they have in the States and Europe good luck

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