Can anyone give me some advise on this one please. SimonB , I think you have one of these. Trapezium 2 bike rack that fits on to the spare wheel of the vehicle.

I am not sure if this will work on my Jeep Cherokee KJ .

a) I have a plastic swing arm cover that closes over the wheel . Will the rack not put too much pressure against the cover and crack it ?
b) Will the tail gate window that automatically opens come in to contact with it
c) Can I still hitch a trailer and be able to turn without a bike making contact with the trailer .
d) Is it secure enough for corrugated gravel roads
e) Can you fit girls bikes in to the clamps ie: without the top cross member
e) Is R 500,00 a fair price to pay for a second hand one.

I am clueless with this as have never used one of these things before but kids are getting to that age where I need to take their bikes away on holidays .

Thanks guys.