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    Default Thaba Moia

    We visited this venue 15/16/17 November 2013. Sadly only two vehicles from the club attended which turned out to be a savior as all in all the weekend was a huge disappointment.
    With the directions on webside and GPS coordinates I arrived at locked gates and no celphone reception. Luckely a local told me to continue another 2km to the camping side. While driving this 2km we got signal and phoned the owner who gave us directions to the camp side. The campside was new and in very good condition.
    The next day was to be the long awaiting 4x4 trial. Upon enquiring we were told that there was no map but the tracks are well marked. So Saturday morning after breakfast we set off to do this track. As we were entering the 4x4 area it was by luck we did not miss the turn off sign which was hangging upside down. We then arrived at a big singn indicating the start of the trial. There was a few markers on bothside of the river but there was no tracks to indicate were to drive. We walked it and found some markers lying on the ground and it was clear that there was no vehicle through this trial in months.
    We then continued to the charletts and here we started to get clear signage. The first obstical was rated a 5 and we walked it but because we had no winch and there was no turn around and due to no map we decided that we will give this one a miss. We continued and then reached a locked game fenced gate. This was to be the end of our 4x4 activity. We got permission from the narbour to 4x4ing on his property but by this time all of our spirrits were very low.
    After the weekend I took this up with the venue organisers and was told that there is also a accademy trial, we never saw this.
    All in all a very disappointing weekend.

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    Default Thaba Moia Safari Centre Eco Route

    The Thaba Moia trail is advertised on the Safari Centre web site as an eco trail. The website is of high quality with a marked google map of the trails (more later) creating an impression of professionalism and great expectation!
    I was the other vehicle with Johan on the 16th and arrived later on the Friday evening. The campsite facilities are good, with electricity available from the large ablution block and hot water for showers and washing up. There was only 4 of us, so we were happy that the farmer only opened up the 'ladies' for us. (Incidenatlly, wood is not available).

    Johan has described the day in his mail and I attach a map from the GPS with some added description of the trails.

    Overall, a disappointing day and I am glad there was only the two of us and not the normal 6 vehicles when we go off to a trail.

    If anyone is planning a visit in the near future, particularly a large group, I very strongly recommend that you contact both the farmer and the Safari Centre to ensure your visit does not become as disapointing as ours.

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