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    Default Performance Chip

    Seriously thinking of dyno tuning and fitting a performance chip on my Cherokee 3.7L (2006) Thinking of giving Unlimited Auto (Cape Town) the job. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking for performance and better consumption (double whammy)

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    Well, I can tell you now that my 3.7 came alive after the chip. I did the exhaust, Unichip and KnN filter. My Jeep sort of sounds like a skyline crossed with an E46 M3, but not too bad on the open road. I innitially had muds on and the car went pretty good and consumption dropped from 18l to 14l a 100. I just swapped over to AT's and my consumption dropped to 9.5-10l/100km at 110kph! It also feels wayyyy more responsive.

    Only downsides are that my car came back with a ton of error codes and its taking a bit of time to resolve. The workmanship on the powerflow freeflow (R3800) is also horrible. I could probably weld better with my eyes closed (and I dont even know how to use a welder)

    If I could get rid of the codes, I would be over the moon.

    My power went from 132kw to 145kw and 270nm to 300nm with the muds (which I believe robbed me some power)

    If you looking for more power, remove all the cats and do the exhaust. Also dont forget about the KnN airfilter.


    Workmanship 3/10
    Performance 8/10
    Economy 9/10
    Value for money 3/10 (a tad over R11 000)
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