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    Default Ongongo or Khowarib Community campsite?

    I've heard that Ongongo has gone downhill and then received this email today from the woman who used to run it.

    Has anyone stayed at Khowarib instead, and if so, how was it?

    Here's the email I got:

    In the meantime was a lot happened. Liana Greeff, the Manager of the Ongongo Camp is not anymore at this camp. About 2 years ago, the Conservancy wanted to have back this camp and Liana Greeff had to leave. The Conservancy wanted to have this camp again in here hands and to manage it themselves.

    But the Conservancy did in the last 2 years nothing, everything is broken, damaged, no toilet, no shower, no water and electricity and not clean. There is nothing anymore what we all built up, rebuilt and invested. Itís a very bad story and itís hurts us in our heart to see it now. All our work was for nothing, what we did with a lot of emotion, motivation and with our heart.

    We are very disappointed. Unfortunately itís not worth to visit Ongongo anymore, for sure not for Camping. We are very sorry.

    We may propose you another two campsites near Ongongo place:

    1. Khowareb Community Campsite, itís very nice, clean and Liana Greeff who does now again camp tours, camp always there with here group. Tel. 00264 81 7109596 / Mr. Nelo
    She can recommended it !!!
    2. Khowarib Lodge & Safari : have also a campsite / mail: [email protected] / Tel/Fax 00264 64 402779 (office hours) / Cell 00264 81 496 5450 or 00264 81 129 5265

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    Give Ongongoma skip. Mwas very bad the last time.
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    Agree that Ogongo has deteriorated. The clear water pool is still worth a visit and swim.

    The Khowarib camps are both a lot better. We had a look at both and although I usually prefer supporting the community, we thought the lodge campsite was a little better. The advantage of the lodge site is that you can make use of the lodge's swimming pool and also can have a very good supper there if prearranged. The campsite is right adjacent to the lodge but does not have it within your view, so privacy is not an issue.
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    Still in terms of the scenery and the arrangements Ongongo wins hands down.
    The Khowarib camp is exposed to sun and dust storms (depending on season).

    When it comes to facilities it's the other way round, good infrastructure in Khowarib and run down at Ongongo.
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    Ongongo has the tiny little waterfall, with the poeletjie just there.

    I will agree that if some blonde bikini girls are swimming the scenery might be better, but imo the Khowarib lodge campsites on the river has better scenery... og and btw.. sometimes there are bikini girls at the swimming pool too :-)

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