BMW X3 2013 Tyres

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    Default BMW X3 2013 Tyres

    Calling the tyre experts out there

    I am running a X3 2D Automatic 2013 factory fitted with run flats 225/60/R17 on 7.5 rims. In the boot I have a spare emergency tyre/rim with jack, spanner etc. (The X3 comes with no spare, no jack no wheel spanner) Also carry a tyre repair kit, the old fashioned one. BMW's rather silly compressor and goo is still also in the boot but have no intention of using it on the run flats. I have my own compressor that fits in one of the holes in the boot.

    I must say up front that for town driving I am sold on BMW's run flat technology and strategy. I do not want to change a tyre on the N2 at 10.00 at night after driving over a few bricks....

    This is just for background as I want a second set of AT tyres for the longer trips i.e. Kalahari. I am hoping to fit 235/65/R17 on the 7.5 rims. Can anybody tell me if this is possible re clearance and if the 235 will be happy on a 7.5 rim.

    Will 235/55/R17 work though not many if any AT tyres in this size.....

    Failing this can I fit 225/65/R17?

    Any experience with X3 tyre upgrades will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: BMW X3 2013 Tyres

    Any feeback on this question re all terrain tyres on a BMW X3 F25?
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