Nissan Navara Clutch Noise

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    Angry Nissan Navara Clutch Noise

    I am placing this thread for the 3rd time as I cannot find my previous postings.

    I have a Nissan Navara 2.5 Diesel 4x4, manual. It is a 2006 model with 202 246 km. I purchased the following parts from a large Nissan dealer in Jhb:
    Release bearing
    Duel mass flywheel
    Clutch assembly
    Clutch cover assembly

    I was proud that it is the first time the clutch needed to be replaced after seven years and such high kilos.

    I also had the clutch replaced by the same dealer. They are part of a large motor group. I had it done by them to prevent a come-back. This was a week ago.

    The clutch worked fine and I was satisfied on my way home. The next morning after the vehicle cooled down overnight it had a grinding noise when I pushed the clutch in. The noise went away after the vehile warmed up.

    I suspect it is the release bearing that is faulty or were not replaced, although I paid for one. I am concerned that it might be something else although I doubt that as it only happens when the clutch is working and the gearbox is not turning.

    Did anyone experience this before and do you also think that it could be the release bearing?

    On an afterthought I realised that I was never shown the old spares.

    Please help.

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    Hi Vaaltyn

    Sorry to hear about your woes. Im pretty useless when it comes to mechanics but I would definitely get someone to take a look before driving it anywhere!

    Hope it comes right
    1997 Discovery 1 300tdi - Pussy Galore
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