Nissan Kingcab 3TDI 4x4 Alternator

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    Question Nissan Kingcab 3TDI 4x4 Alternator

    I phoned Nissan William Simpson in Toaki Cape Town today to ask how what the output of the alternator was. They informed me that it was 15 Volts. Is this true?

    Why asked is due to the dual battery system I had installed and have read on numerous posts that the output of the alternator should atleast be 13-14 volts if I understood it correctly.

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    The volt meter gives you battery condition.All vehicles should charge between 13.8 to 14.5 volts.To sheck if your alternator has enough oompf you must connect up an ampmeter in series to determine the amount of amps the system is charging.Switch all lights,wipers and aircon,fan on and check how many amps the system is giving you.You should have a positive reading of at least 10 amps to be safe.if not then you must get an Alternator with a higher amp rating.Normal for a dual battery system should be a 90 amp alternator upwards
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