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    Default Travel Directory: Supplies and Technical

    I am not sure if this exists on the forum; I am willing to assist if not

    I frequently search the forum for friendly names and reliable contacts, where I can either purchase goods at in Africa or get help when stranded. Will a Forum Directory of sort help?

    I would like to put something together for myself and obviously share with everyone.

    The directory I need should help me with the following;
    * Where can I buy meat, and know it is save, clean and fresh, optionally vacuum packed and even have the ability to order in advance? This way I could carry less from my starting point
    * I know that one can get veggies and fruits from local markets but sometimes the look and feel from the outside is a bit daunting for the family to feel safe to "shop around". So where are the good markets, worthwhile to get out at?
    * Fresh water supply is a good thing to know about
    * Technical and medical assistance; who are the Samaritans of Africa one could call?

    Building a directory of this nature should be as practical and basic yet complete as possible. One should be able to use it offline and easily find information.

    Your thoughts on firstly the technical requirements of such a directory would be appreciated, followed by suggested content. Filtering information from these pages will be more difficult and distribution via a PM is maybe the better way to go. Don't forget links where this has been shares on the forum in the past.

    Thanks Guys and Gals
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