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    Default Bolero Water Pump.

    Gooday Peeps

    I just registered on this forum today and have seen a few great bits of info.I own a 2005 Bolero which has been using water for a few months. After buying a second hand pump from the Fochville guys ( Scrapyard) about 4 months ago the pump only lasted 3 months. So i took my old pump to my local engineering firm and had it refurbished. Sadly it started leaking again today.I have found a few supplier that have new pumps for around R1450.00.
    I however saw another post here where someone commented on the 2 small holes on the pump. Has anyone got some insight concerning these holes or is it best just to spend the R1450 and buy a new pump.

    Would just like to add i really love my Bolero which i use for work reason ( farming) so although its old is still great value for money as i bought it on an auction 2 years ago for R35000.00

    Any comments will help. I wouldnt mind buying a new pump if i have to but still believe i should have another go at this one.


    Robbie McColl

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    Hi and welcome to the forum,
    I would rather spend the R1500 for a new pump than risk overheating the engine due to no water or pump failure. R1500 is not a bad price, especialy if it is original?

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