Hi all,

Just some feedback on the fuel consumption we achieved whilst towing a caravan with our 3.2 man 4x2 DC. Driving between Cape Town and Van Reenens. The actual trip was to Durbs but figured with all the downhills the consumption figures would be skewed. So with me driving, I was averaging 11.3l/100km. When SWAMBO took over and we reset the counter, things went worse with 13.3L/100kms. Solution - we need to make this a bit of a competition. That made all the difference and the game was on. At the end of the trip (return included) SWAMBO won hands down with a very respectable 10.6l/100km.

OK, some facts. The bakkie now has 22K on the clock and is standard except for the Metalian canopy which sits snug behind the cab. We tow in 5th which has a 1:1 ratio. The caravan was loaded so probably weighed in about the legal 980kgs (but then again, SWAMBO did pack it so might just be a little over weight...). She likes to make sure we have everything we might need - for this and the next trip . The caravan is an old '94 CI Caravette 6 running on those tiny 13" wheels that were the fashion then, and pumped to 3.6 bar.

Of note is that the best fuel consumption was achieved with the cruise control disabled and running at speeds of between 90 & 100km dropping to about 85 uphill, letting the torque take us up. The 13.3l/100km was from doing speeds of 110 - 120 kph.

I know I should of taken pics of the combination but I was more worried about losing the competition. Swambo was determined and the prize stakes were high with a decent foot massage up for grabs. So quite ironical, the person with the lightest foot, gets the massage. Oh well, it still helped to beat the hours on the road between CTN & Durbs & return, and the 13.3L/100kms.