KNP Wolhuter Trail 30/6 - 3/7 2 spots avail

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    Default KNP Wolhuter Trail 30/6 - 3/7 2 spots avail

    Hi to the 4x4 community forum members

    I have a reservation for the KNP Wolhuter Wilderness Trail (3-day guided walking trail) for the above dates, for 8 people. I am taking my 12 year old daughter, as are 2 of my friends, as a kind of "rite of passage" introduction to the wonders of KNP. A 4th father / daughter couple has pulled out. We are looking for replacements, preferably a parent / child combination to keep the group dynamic the same. Note that the minimum age per KNP rules is 12 years old.

    The cost is R3 939 per person, which is the rate charged to me, including the community levy.

    Any takers?
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