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    Default Mitsubishi Colt drive chain (in transfer case) replacement

    My Mitsubishi Colt 2.8 TD has a very bad noise coming from the transfer case when I engage 4x4. From what I have read it seems to be the drive chain for the front drive shaft that is slipping.

    Over the weekend I checked the vacuum system that engages/disengages the front diff. I found numerous problems with it but sorted it all out. The actuator in the diff works perfectly now and I donít think that the noise is coming from the diff.

    Does anybody know whether you can split the transfer box from the main gearbox without removing the entire gearbox from the vehicle? And if it is the chain that is causing the noise, is a new chain easy to find and install?

    Wilhelm Kenny

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    Did my transfer case a few years ago. Chain was expensive at dealers. I bought a used gearbox from Jap imports. Cost less that time, I think it was 4 years back. Clutch kit was also bit costly.
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