Hi Guys
My idea to get a few members here for the weekend of the 8-11 August looks to be as if quite a few guys are interested. Now I have a very big quarry next to my place with many obsticles in it. I have no experience in 4x4 tracks so I need assistance. There are places that I believe would be from grade 1 to 5 but I have no idea how to grade them. If there is somebody with knowledge of this and would like to come down for the weekend of the 15-17 June to give me an idea of what must be done to make it a nice playground I would appreciate. I would like it to be ready when the other 4x4 community members visit me in August to give them a better experience. We are going on a 4x4 drive to Cecil Macks pass and driving down the Ingwavuma river bed . This would be to fill in a couple of hours while the guys are here.
It will be a free camping weekend for the guys coming to help me with the project.