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    Default A few little problems with my D1 HS2.8tdi

    Hi all, I was hoping someone here would be able to shed some light on a few issues I have been having with my 96 Disco 1 Powerstroke.

    1- When idling the Buzz(the Landy) and reving it to find a boost leak I noticed that the engine revs up while the throttle remains constant (not the engine catching up with the throttle), what could cause this?

    2- I pulled the turbo out to try and repair one of the boost leaks on the exhaust manifold, also noticed that the pipe connecting the turbo to the injector pump is (problem 1?) but then noticed the turbo did not turn very easily, turned easier after giving it a bit of oil but a very rough turn. The turbo was redone 3months back and has very minimal play both axially and radially, is this non smooth turning normal? Turned my spare 300tdi recon turbo and that was smooth. (problem 1?)

    3- My aircon used to squeal a bit, but sounded just like a warn belt, but now when I put the aircon on the power steering goes, it is completely faultless for the rest of the time, I cant figure this out as the aircon pump isnt stopping the belt. It also one one occasion made the black box give me a water temp warning- which was fine.

    4- Rear electric windows work occasionally, on previous D1 they didnt work at all. Is this a common disco problem and how do I fix it.

    Thanx in advance!

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    Since I have the V8 I can only answer no 4.

    Yes it is a very common problem and not too hard to fix, do a search you'll find many posts on that repair on this forum.
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    Hi MattyZee

    engine running away can have to causes:

    1. Faulty injector pump

    2. Oil getting into the inlet manifold (more common)

    To test No2, remove the intercooler and check for oil saturation. Also check for excess oil feeding via the breather into the turbo.

    Fix for No2 is to get an Allisport breather for the Tdi. This is provided that there is not excessive crankcase pressure. Contact Baben for this, he is the SA agent for Allisport.
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