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    Default Radio Program on conservation

    i have started a new 'Wildlife" radio program on Radio Today which covers fauna, flora, conservation and associated research.

    The program is broadcast on 1485AM on a Saturday between 08:00 and 09:00 as well as on DSTV audio channel 169 and live streaming on the internet.

    We cover urban, rural, protected areas etc and the program is not however about environmental issues, global warming etc and is very limited in its doom and gloom and more around highlighting issues and potentian problems and looking for solutions. It is also not politically correct as nature has never been known to be politically correct.

    I am looking for any wildlife, fauna, flora, conservation and research stories, initiatives and projects that you are keen to share.

    Kind regards

    Tim Neary
    "The Nature Journal in 60 Minutes"

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    Hi Tim,

    It would help us greatly if we can create some awareness around the damage caused by keeping wild animals as pets.

    In March of last year, Owl Rescue Centre rescued two Barn Owls who were unlawfully kept as pets. The owls were in a very bad condition suffering from dietary related illnesses and overall poor physical health. The Barn Owls were hardly able to fly and seemed depressed. People often think it is a good idea to keep owls as pets, but do not have the knowledge to care for them and loose interest after they realize how much time and effort goes into looking after birds of prey. The birds end up suffering the consequences of this selfish act.

    It took approximately 9 months to rehabilitate the owls and to get them at a stage that is considered fit for release. The owls were placed in one of our Hacking Aviaries (Release Aviary), built on the premises of SASOL Polymers in Bryanston, in December last year. The Hacking Aviary is used to perform a ‘soft release’ to aid in the birds’ adjustment in the wild. After a few weeks in the new aviary, the aviary is opened up and the owls are free to leave. We continue to support feed them until they are weaned off our care. An Owl House was specially installed inside the aviary to create the perfect habitat. The Hacking Aviary was opened up early this year and the two Barn Owls are now hunting and are in perfect health. They are living as free birds, but have adopted the aviary as their home. The Hacking Aviary stays open for the owls to come and go as they please.

    To our delight, the Barn Owls have just become parents. On one of Shayne Murray’s, a representative of Owl Rescue Centre, regular visits to monitor the owls he discovered the young owlets inside the Owl House. We are pleased that the Barn Owls got a second chance at living a natural life.

    Owl Rescue Centre NPC

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