Pongola Caravan Park Ordeal

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    Lightbulb Pongola Caravan Park Ordeal

    We did our annual brother getaway to Ponta on Tuesday. This year we were joined by our 2 sisters which made it even more special. We arrived in Pongola at about 3. We arranged to spend the night at the Pongola Caravan Park and booked in at about 4 pm. We got a chalet and then the sisters arrived , After a wonderful evening we all went to bed at about 11 pm . I woke up at about 2 am to go to the bathroom ,, when i came into the lounge i realized that the sliding door was wide open ,, and in the words of Van Morrison "It dawned on me " we just became a statistic again,, They came into our room, while we were sleeping.. took our bags , phones, wallets + the vehicle keys from the nightstand next to our beds. When i checked outside,, they took my brother's new Toyota bakkie . Fortunately the F^$%rs did not go into the room my sisters were sleeping.
    Officer Wheeler and WO Koos Van Niekerk of the Pongola SAP was a bright light in a otherwise dark situation. The following day the Toyota was recovered by Tracker in Swaziland. It has been fitted with new number plates and license disk.. Hats off to Stroppie and his men.. Unfortunately the Swazi Police's aim was of and they got away .The vehicle was severely dammaged and all the camping equipmet was gone.

    Regarding Pongola caravan Park: Upon further investigation we found out that this is a regular occurrence. Judging by all the virbrocrete /stopnonsense wall panels they replaced after previous incidents it corroborates this fact. The owner that lives onsite parks his vehicle at reception where it is safer. Also we could not find any damage the sliding door that was opened to gain entry to the chalet. looks like someone might have had a key ?? .. Lighting and security is completely inadequate.. 10 watt LED spotlights are cheap to buy and run, One asleep security guard is not worth the money he gets paid .. Just by digging a trench next to vibrocrete wall they won't be able to get a stolen vehicle of the premises. CCTV cameras are also an inexpensive way to deter criminals.
    Finally like a good south african citizen we just say "Praise the Lord no one was hurt" which is true but i still get biter at the audacity of these f&^%rs and the apathetic attitude of the caravan park.

    TIP OF THE DAY: Rubber wedge doorstops ,, If we had some of these rubber wedge doorstops they would have not been able to get into our rooms..

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    Eish. Sorry to hear.

    ZA is turning into a very unfriendly tourist destination.

    And the SAPS's attitude is not helping either.
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    Not a good experience. Seems that one of these days one will have to start traveling with your own bodyguard or at least security guard. Really becoming pathetic in my opinion.

    Thanks for the heads up. One tend to think one is 'safe' when booking into camps. So a good wake-up call to be ever vigilant, no matter where you stay.

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