Cherokee Jeep Cherokee XJ sale market

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    Default Jeep Cherokee XJ sale market

    It's come round to that point... I'm looking at selling my Jeep Cherokee XJ.
    Petrol is getting insane. I already have another can AND a motorbike... plus my adventures in the Jeep have been few and far in the past couple of years.

    What does the market look like for Jeep's at the moment, and what would be the best place to sell? Are there dealers that are buying at the moment?

    The car has a bout 115,000 km's on it, but it has seen better days. Great running condition (mechanically), just some nicks, scratches and some things that need attention.

    Any help on a sale would be much appreciated.

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    Default Jeep

    I would like to see it as I am interested
    What year and what spec e.g. sport country etc
    [email protected]

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