Trip Report - Tsitsa Falls, Maclear

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    Default Trip Report - Tsitsa Falls, Maclear

    We spent the first 3 days of our holiday with all the children at the Tsitsa Falls and Backpackers near Maclear, with the owners and friends, AD and Angie.

    If you want to get away from it all, to a place where your host treats you, there is no electricity, water is heated in a "donkey", this is it!

    The falls:

    Our hosts, AD and Angie, preparing dinner in "Die Kraal", which overlooks the falls:

    Everybody going for a hike, with Billy the goat in attendance:

    The Flying Fox, a cable slide over the falls:

    On the "Beach", a nice swimming hole just upstream of the falls:

    Behind the falls:

    Some Bushman paintings of which there are many in the area:

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    Wonders never cease... Is that Skipper without a cast on his foot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by freeflyd View Post
    Wonders never cease... Is that Skipper without a cast on his foot?

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