There are many different trip threads. we are in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Botswana, Zambia, maybe into Zimbabwe, to finish in Mozambique at Tofo. we will be travelling in an overlander truck - 2 adults and 3 kids aged 8, 10 & 12.

We will be travelling alone at this stage and so need advice on what place we can or cannot go to on our our due to road conditions. we are planning to leave around May 2013 for approximately 2 months or so.

we are looking for peoples highlights of the areas and "do not miss" places and accommodation preferences if possible. a hard part about planning is adding parts that will keep our kids amused or to "dangle a carrot" to keep them excited. any suggestions are most welcome

last year we did a trip to Mozambique and Malawi - the sea and lake kept kids really busy.

we would appreciate any advice you could give us