A brand new Bushlapa Boskriek

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    Default A brand new Bushlapa Boskriek

    This is the second Bushlapa product we have taken delivery of. Our first being a Miskruier that we bought about a year ago and managed to sell for the same price we bought it for. We loved the Miskruier, but wanted the 3 birth Boskriek mainly because I have to set up alone fairly often, and the Boskriek is easier to to do this with.

    I am SO impressed! Bushlapa have been great from day 1 and improving on a great product is a very hard thing to do. Somehow they have managed to pull a bunny from the hat, and the product is even better.

    I think that it must have something to do with Jannie, Francois and their team actually listening to their customers. A revolutionary concept in the present day South Africa All the little things that we upgraded on our previous Miskruier now came standard on the Boskriek, together with quite a few upgrades that must have come via other customers. Each little enhancement was a joy to discover.

    And the neatness! _Wow_! Jannie knows that I am not an easy customer to please. Having been in manufacture for 20 years, I have a very critical eye when it comes to the finished product. Well done guys, I am speechless!

    Truly exceptional!
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    Great news Amanda! No point in welcoming you and Willem to the BL family ....... I'm finding it difficult to keep up with the upgrades. One of these days I may have to follow your example.... Maybe I should just stay away from the new Bush Lapa's......you know the saying.......wat jy nie sien nie sal jou nie pla nie.........

    Definitely a lot of practical upgrades but the basic concept is a winner and remains unchanged .
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    Amanda, show us a couple of pics of your new BL and specifically of the upgrades. My Miskruier is in the pipeline for delivery by mid June and I really would like to see some of the new upgrades.
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