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    Default Money in Tanzania

    Going on an anticipated 4 month trip to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda via Malawi and back via Zambia.

    We are not on a fixed itinerary and it is difficult to calculate how much money to take.

    Can you access local cash at banks/Atm's?

    What currency do you need for fuel?

    Do you pay parks fees in US$ or local currency?


    I am looking to avoid carrying the whole trips budget with us in cash from SA.

    Any advice

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    You will find ATMs along the way at least in the bigger towns and cities. However, I would suggest the following:

    1) Carry a stash of USD in case you can't find a working ATM (or you don't want to drive a few 100km just to get cash)

    2) Always stockpile when you enter a country so you don't waste time and energy tracking down cash every few days. This is especially the case if you are heading anywhere rural and in Malawi where minimum withdrawals are low.

    3) Take Visa rather than MasterCard - have a variety of cards in case one is lost/stolen/swallowed by ATM.

    As for game parks we usually paid cash. It's usually cheaper to pay in $ as otherwise they convert the $ price into local currency at an unfavourable rate. We did pay by card in Kenya and Tanzania (except Ngorongoro which required $ cash... and lots of it) but I have heard that in Tanzania at least they are back to using pre-loaded smart cards now - which if true is a pain. You have to get a card from the local bank, load it there and present the card at the gate. Best get some info from someone whose traveled there in the last few months. Alternatively drop an email to TANAPA and KWS and ask direct.

    Fuel will usually be cash only and is always charged in local currency.

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