March to June 2013 - Leaving Africa: The Long Way

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    Default March to June 2013 - Leaving Africa: The Long Way

    Hello all!

    After working in South Africa for two years the time has come to say goodbye. But not without a proper farewell!

    Me and my girlfriend are planning a trip for 11 weeks, going on a round trip throughout Southern Africa from our rural workplace in Mpumalanga.

    Our car to do the job is a 2007 Subaru Forester XS. Drives like a dream, but with its obvious limitations. Plan is to hire an offroad trailer to camp with. In the final stages of securing one by getting quotes from several rental companies.

    Rough outline for the trip is as follows:

    Week 1-2
    Driving south from Joburg to Eastern cape via Drakensbergen. Meeting up with friends and doing a 4-day hike at Port-st-Johns

    Week 3-6
    Northbound! Via Kgalagadi, Orange river to Windhoek. Picking up travelmates. Etosha, Caprivi, Vic falls. Either via Zim or via Zam to Mana Pools. Ending in Lusaka dropping off our friends

    Week 7-9
    Letting loose a bit. Things are open, but going to Malawi and even up Tanzania to visit old colleagues is an option.

    Week 10-11

    Either via Zim or via Moz down south again, Bazaruto or North Kruger, the jury isn't out on.

    Any tips and tricks are welcome. As I am new to this forum, your help and input will be greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome to the forum, goaliekas.

    What time of the year are you planning this trip?

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    With the Sabaru Forester forget the trailer as a start. You also cannot use the trailer in Kalagadi traveling North (deep sand)

    Think generally you would be ok if you stay on main roads.

    Maybe give a more detailed plan

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    @Mike: we are leaving beginning of march this year. So only a couple of weeks left.

    @Bertie: according to other users in this forum towing with a Forester shouldn't prove to be much of a problem.

    Obviously the car isn't really suitable for elbow deep sand and mud, but as you suggested we plan to stick to the main roads with occasional excursions to NP's and campsites. No hardcore/ very rough terrain.

    Up to the Caprivi strip our plans are formed. If Kgalagadi doesn't work out with our ride, we might go for a daytrip.
    Only thing we struggle with a little at the moment is how to get to Mana pools from Namibia. Via Kasane, and through Zim, or staying on the Zambian side. Even the ferry on Lake Kariba is an option. Any thoughts?

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    Got T4A, absolutely brilliant to plan a trip like this! It helps to get a more detailed picture of the trip.

    Our trip to Namibia starts from Mthatha, we are visiting friends and doing a hike near Port-st-Johns for a couple of days. Mpande bungalow will be endpoint.

    From Mthatha we plan to go up to Upington. A long drive, but necessary to get where we want.
    From 11th March across To Namibia via N10 bordercrossing to Amanzi camp site. From here we will explore the Orange river. Rafting, Hiking etc. Planned stay 3-4 nights.
    From there to Canon Roadhouse, fish river canyon and surroundings. Hiking, maybe going to Ai-Ais on a day trip. Planned 2 night here.
    From there to Aus, from what I've heard a good base to explore Luderitz and surroundings like the ghost town. Planned to stay at Klein Aus Vista for 2 nights.
    Another option would be to follow the Orange river to Rosh Pina and from there to Aus. Is this doable?
    Next will be Sesriem rest camp to explore the Sossusvlei, quite touristy I guess but nonetheless interesting. We have until 20 March because then some overseas friends are joining out trip, we are picking them up from Windhoek. Allows us to visit friends there as well.

    Following Windhoek we plan to go to Etosha via Swakopmund (3-4 nights, either at Alte brucke or Sophia Dale), Brandberg to see the White Lady and afterwards to Kamanjab. These will all be one night stands.

    In Etosha we plan 3 nights. How far in advance should we book our stay here? Plan is to be there from 27th of March. Will be in School holiday!

    From Etosha to Caprivi Strip. It is a long haul, because we plan to stay at Camp Kwando for 3-4 nights to explore the region. Heard good stories about the Wildlife and parks there.

    Then via Katima Mulilo entering Zambia and onwards to Livingstone. Supposedly the road to Livingstone is doable? We thought about going via Chobe, but as we have to drop our friends in Lusaka for their journey home we figured crossing one border will be enough. Planning to stay in Maramba campsite in Livingstone, more or less 3-4 nights.

    Then another long haul to Siavonga to spend a couple of night on Lake Kariba before dropping our friends at the airport in Lusaka. According to senior forum members the T1 and T2 between Livingstone and Siavonga should't give too many problems.

    From Lusaka onwards we haven't looked into further options too much, we will see as we go, taking advice from people we meet on the road. But we definitely want to go to Mana pools, Zim ruines, and Bazaruto Archipelago.
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    You don't really need booking Etosha in this period.
    The road between Sesheke (Katima Mulilo) and Livingstone is good tar, no problem.
    No problem either between Lusaka and Siavonga, but beware the trucks that drive the escarpment down at incredible speed.

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    Your trip is doable as you have outlined, just check the stretch into Kgalagadi, normally badly corrugated but nothing the Subaru cannot handle as long as you stick to the main tracks.
    Going through Caprivi there are a few spots which are accessible, like Mazambala Lodge camp close to Kongola, or good fishing spots on the Zambezi in Katima (check out Caprivi Houseboat Safaris - Curt on this forum).
    Once in Livingstone (road is tar with potholes all the way from Sesheke border) look for Eagles Nest camping and Lodge on a look out point over the gorge, forget Maramba Lodge, nothing special.
    If you need power at the camp site look for Bush front camping, small secluded and mostly private, also good meals in the lodge.
    You should find all these on T4A, no issue.
    When towing an offroad trailer with the Subaru, bear in mind the dead weight pushing you when decelerating, it is a bit on the limit from vehicle weight point of view. In otehr words, don't speed as you would do without the trailer and keep enough distance to react should need occur (traffic situations or wildlife encounters), there is no need for an accident due to towing.
    Most of all, go for it and enjoy.
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