I have ask Navteq the other day when will they bring out updtaed maps for the D3 of South Africa, as the current maps dated back 2009/2010, and this is the answer I got back from them

Title: Mnr
First Name: Pepe
Last Name: Kleinhans
Comments: When will navteq relies new maps for Southern Africa, current maps is dated back to 2009/2010, very old maps
Category of Request: Request Future Map Information
Please keep me informed when new maps are available: No
Please help us by identifying your navigation system:

Dear Mr. Kleinhans,

Thank you for contacting NAVTEQ Maps. Unfortunately the requested information is not available. We recommend you to keep in touch with our website www.navteq.com for the most up to date information available.

Should you require additional information, please send us your feedback by replying to this email.

With kind regards, NAVTEQ Maps Customer Service
Nokia Location & Commerce
PO Box 501

So what know, what must we do, we have a satnav in the car but maps are out of date.

Why do we buy a car with satnav in then, becuase it is nice,,,,,,,I don't think so.