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    Default Lost GPS signal.

    Some info that needs to be shared.
    I recently start having problems with signal strength on my Gps. I thought my GPS must be packing up. I needed to find an address so I took my hand held GPS from the cupboard and plug it in in my vehicle. To my surprise both the units had the same problem. Handed them in at the agents that said that they will gladly replace them. I had the option to upgrade with cash adjustment which I thought was a great idea. No stock of what I want at the time so decided to return at a later stage.
    Another week or so i desperately need navigation again so I stole the GPS from my wifes car. No way! same problem? At no stage did I plug any of these instruments into a computer to may be pic up a virus.

    How stupid this may sound now but the only thing that has changed was that I took my vehicle for wash and a glaze. May be just may be they have put something on the windscreen that block satellite signal? So out the window go the GPS in my hand now Ill get signal. Stroes bob some signal return but still very weak.
    So out the window goes the windscreen theory to?

    This GPS must go in as well! These guys must think I did something to all my units.

    However before I could return this unit as well I read an article from M Bolton. He stated that these blue tooth devices that you plug into your cigarette lighter to listen to music scrambles Gps signals.

    O yes I have acquired one of these devices lately!!! Out in the rain down to my vehicle to vetch the third broken GPS. Start it up and run back to the house. Once under cover I slowly turn the GPS around........Yeee full signal!!!!

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    There is an article about this in the SA4x4 IIRC.
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