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    Default Advice neede for Fine tuning Route - North Namibia

    This is the tentative tourplan for our Northern Namibia tour 08, we are 6 vehicles.

    Please look at the Itinarary and I would be very grateful if you could give advice in order to help me fine-tune the route

    Thanks in advance


    DAY 1; FRIDAY – 21 MARCH 2008

    From: McDonnalds Gateway, Pretoria, S25 44.628 E28 14.880, Between Schoeman & Pretorius Streets
    To: KwaNokeng Rest Camp, Botswana S22 59.991 E27 56.403
    Distance: 400,7Km
    Departure: 08:00

    We fill up and perform final checks, leave Pretoria via the N4 (Schoeman Street) and exit onto the N1 North.We turn left onto the N11 just before Mokopane and continue north until we enter Botswana at Groblersbrug / Martinsdrift Border Post.

    As we go through Martinsdrift Border post, we turn off left and tavel down track to the NwaNokeng Rest Camp

    DAY 2; SATURDAY – 22 MARCH 2007
    From: KwaNokeng Rest Camp, Botswana S22 59.991 E27 56.403
    To: ToroSafari Camp. Kasane, S17 47.754 E25 14.405
    Distance: 762 Km
    Departure: 08:30

    We leave the Camp site and fill up at the Martinsdrift Caltex, turn left onto the B140 (Tar) and go through the first Vet Control Gate at S22 52.555 E27 48.406 , cross over the railroad and turn right onto the A1. We go through another Vet Control Gate at S21 50.080 E27 20.558 and travel through Francistown, where we can fill up at Caltex if required. We exit onto the A3. We go through the 3rd Vet Control Gate at S20 34.065 E26 29.191 and travel northbound. We travel through the Nata Bird Sanctuary, past the Sowa pan on the left, where we go through another Vet Control Gate at S20 18.920 E26 18.495

    We travel past Nata lodge / Camping on our right, and buy fresh bread (if ok) at the Bakery S20 13.273 E26 12.024 and travel through Nata where we can either fill up or replenish supplies.We then exit onto the A33 north, and go past the Elephant Sands Camping Ground on our left. We go through our 4th Vet Control Gate at S19 42.109 E26 02.999 and go through yet another Disease Control Gate at S18 26.494 E25 32.544.We drive through the Kazuma Forest Reserve and continue through the Seloko Plains.

    We can fill up, if required at either the Shell or Engen Kasane, and the A33 veers to the right where shortly after we turn right to the Toro Camp Site.

    DAY 3; SUNDAY – 23 MARCH 2008

    From: Toro Camp S17 47.754 E25 14.405
    To: Nambwa Community Camp S17 52.500 E23 19.056
    Distance: 266Km
    Departure: 08:30

    We fill up with fuel at Kasane, and depart on the A33 (Tar) past the outskirts of Kasane on our right. We enter into Namibia via the Ngoma Bridge Border post and drive over the Chobe wetland, and travel on the B8 towards Katima Mulilo.

    We have a pee k at the toilet which has been built into a large Baobab tree at S17 29.329 E24 16.693 and replenish our supplies and buy a “Cross Border Permit” at the Government office next to Trentyre. (N$260-00) in Katima Mulilo. Past the Mpacha Military Base on our right and through Kasheshe. We turn of right to buy a permit at Susuwe Environmental Office (S17 45 594 E23 20.640 ) which we require for travelling off-road to Nambwa camp.

    DAY 4; MONDAY – 24 MARCH 2008

    NOTE: No Electricity available, thick sand with high “middelmannetjie”

    Spend the day at Nambwa camp, places to visit;
    Various view points on the Kwando River
    Monument (Old Fort Doppies “Recce” Military Base)
    Strangler Fig Tree
    Horseshoe Wetland

    DAY 5; TUESDAY – 25 MARCH 2008

    From: Nambwa Community Camp S17 52.500 E23 19.056
    To: Popa Falls Resort S18 07.406 E21 35.000
    Distance: 236Km
    Departure: 08:30

    Exit the Susuwe Triangle Nature reserve and turn left onto the B8. Exit from the B8 at S18 05.490 E21 40.135 and venture Off Road to visit the old 32Bn Buffalo Camp and the overgrown 32Bn Grave Yard(Next to the Okavango). Travel back with the same track and turn left once again onto the B8.Stop at the Okavango viewpoint for some breathtaking photographs. Through a Police Checkpoint, travel over the Okavango Bridge and turn left onto the C48 (Tar)

    Travel to the Popa Falls Resort where we camp for the night.

    DAY 6; WEDNESSDAY – 26 MARCH 2008

    From: Popa Falls Resort S18 07.406 E21 35.000
    To: Tsumeb Punye Park Campsite S19 15.550 E17 42.635
    Distance: 512Km
    Departure: 08:30

    We turn left onto the B8 and travel towards Rundu. Just before reaching Rundu, the road veers Southbound and we exit the B8 onto the D3016 towards Tsintsabis where we stop at the Lake before continuing on the M75 to Tsumeb. We camp at the Tsumeb Municipal Camp Site.

    DAY 7; THURSDAY – 27 MARCH 2008

    We spend the day at Tsumeb and the surrounding area. Possible places to visit are:

    • Tsumeb Museum
    • Open air Museum of Cultural Villages
    • Tsumeb Craft Market
    • Lake Otjikoto
    • Guinas Lake
    • Hoba Meteorite

    There are large Supermarkets such as Pick n Pay and various Fuel Stations in Tsumeb.

    DAY 8; FRIDAY – 28 MARCH 2008

    From: Tsumeb Punye Park Campsite S19 15.550 E17 42.635
    To: Okaukuejo Camp Site (Etosha) S19 10.856 E15 55.042
    Distance: 327Km
    Departure: 08:30

    We travel on the B1 past Lake Otjikoto and turn left onto the D3028. From the D3028 we turn right onto the D2865 and eventually join up with the M69/C39 towards Etosha. We then take the D2779 traveling North until it reaches the C38 where we turn right, past the Ombika Fountain and enter Etosha at the Okaukuejo Camp.

    DAY 9; SATURDAY – 29 MARCH 2008

    Based at Okaukuejo, we explore Etosha, driving the various routes. On the the must see places is the “Sprokieswoud” at S19 05.935 E15 41.003

    Viewpoints are:
    • The Pan
    • Kapupuhedi Fountain
    • Olifantsbad
    • Wolfsnes
    • Homob Fountain
    • Leeubron
    • Sueda Fountain
    • Charitsaub Fountain
    • Salvadora Fountain

    DAY 10; SUNDAY – 30 MARCH 2008

    From: Okaukuejo Camp Site (Etosha) S19 10.856 E15 55.042
    To: Namutoni Camp Site (Etosha) S18 48.323 E16 56.513
    Distance: 134Km
    Departure: 08:30

    We travel on the C38 through Etosha to the Numatoni Camp Site. A must stop is the Rietfontein Dorslandtrekkers Graves

    DAY 11; MONDAY – 31 MARCH 2008

    Based at Numatoni, we explore Etosha, driving the various routes. Possible places to visit;
    • Groot Okevi
    • Klein Okevi
    • Klein Numatoni
    • Aloe Fountain

    DAY 12; TUESDAY – 1 APRIL 2008

    From: Namutoni Camp Site (Etosha) S18 48.323 E16 56.513
    To: Sunset Lodge (Ruacana) S17 26.436 E14 20.996
    Distance: 410Km
    Departure: 08:30

    We exit Etosha at the Numatoni Gate and turn left onto the B1. We pass the old Oshivelo Military Base on our right and then the old SWA Spes Military base.

    Just past the turn-off to the Okashana Resort, we pass Omuthiya 61 Mech Military base (Where I spent more than a year in the old days) and then drive through Odangwa.

    From Odangwa we take the C46, drive through Oshakati, through Outapi and if time allows, visit the old Military base where the Baobab church can be seen.

    We carry on with the C46, past the Olushadja Dam on our left to the Sunset Lodge Camping Site.

    (Leana’s Birthday)

    DAY 13; WEDNESSDAY – 2 APRIL 2008

    Based at Sunset Lodge, we explore Ruacana Falls , driving the various routes. Possible places to visit;
    • Ruacana Falls
    • Hippo pools
    • Ruacana Hydro Power

    DAY 14; THURSDAY – 3 APRIL 2008

    From: Sunset Lodge (Ruacana) S17 26.436 E14 20.996
    To: Epupa Camp S17 00.141 E13 14.704
    Distance: 168Km
    Departure: 07:00

    We depart earlier than usual, and take the D3700 towards Swartbooisdrift, where hopefully can take the Cunene Eco Trail to Epupa Community Camp.

    The trail from Swartbooisdrift is a difficult route and usually takes up to 9 hours to complete, depending on the conditions.

    It is also possible that the trail is closed, depending on the conditions at the time. Should this be the case, we will take the D3701 which links up with the C43 to Epupa. We camp at the Epupa Community Camp Site

    DAY 15; FRIDAY – 4 APRIL 2008

    Based at Epupa Community Camp Site, we explore the Epupa Falls.

    DAY 16 & 17; SATURDAY & SUNDAY – 5 & 6 APRIL 2008


    Parties can either travel home, or extend their tour to the South of Namibia, as they wish.
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    Just an observation. You seem to be travelling every day and past all the good places, no Bots, no Chobe, little time in the Caprivi (unless your mission is to get to Etosha, Ruacana). The game viewing is not great in Ethosa that time of year, especially for the new prices. Every trip should include a 2 to 3 day stay-over at one place to sort the kit, washing, etc.
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    Jou toer lyk lekker en goed uitgele. Geniet dit en bring foto's saam.

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    Just a note, the last time I was in bots there were no diesel at either filling station in Kasane, so don't rely on it that their will be fuel at any given point. The route looks great,


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    The route looks good, we did the Epupa trail recently and it was a doddle compared to what we had remembered from two years ago. You are so close to Van Zyls why don't you scarifice a day or two at Etosha and do Van Zyls?.

    It seems a bit wierd to me that the convoy breaks up at Epupa , you are just about on the border of Angola and still have to travel back the whole of Namibia to get home, safety in numbers is what I believe in.
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    Thanks for all the advice guys, the main idea is to get to Northern Namibia asap, we will do a detailed Botswana tour in 2009.

    The route is not finalised yet, the reason for splitting at Epuppa is that some want to extend their stay and tour south Namibia, while others want to head for home. That still needs to be finalised.

    Can one do Van Zylspass with a trailer? One guy with a disco 3 will be towing a trailer

    Does one have to book sites ahead of time or can one arrive on the day hoping to finde accommodation


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    I guess I am a bit late, having only just joined the forum, but surely if the object is to get to northern Nambia ASAP then you should take the Pioneers gate at Lobatse and the Trans Kalahari Highway to Windhoek. You would be in Tsumeb on day 2


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    Quote Originally Posted by V Aslett View Post
    Can one do Van Zylspass with a trailer? One guy with a disco 3 will be towing a trailer
    You can do Van Zyl's with a trailer, assuming the trailer isn't too big/heavy and the driver knows what they're doing.

    We've just got back from doing northern Namibia and we did the pass - 1xPatrol, 1xLCruiser and 1xPajero with trailer.

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