New colourful $100 bill coming

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    Default New colourful $100 bill coming

    It was announced today that the US Federal Reserve will be issuing a new $100 note as from today. I checked the date and its not April Fool's Day.

    See article in the New York Times here:

    I'm not sure when it starts circulating on our continent, but there are bound to be teething problems as the two sets of notes co-exist. The NYT article says that two-thirds of the $100 bills circulate OUTSIDE the USA at any one time. So some confusion will arise when you fork over your nice new colourful crisp Benjamin Franklins. While it may be unwise to travel with such large denominations to neighbouring countries, sometimes it is unavoidable.

    Please take care if you are travelling within the next six months to a year at least.

    Happy travels!
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