Hi all,

I’m planning a trip for next year March (9 March – 5 April) into land that is unknown to me. It will be tent camping as far as possible. High level route is: SA – Botswana – Zim (maybe) – Zambia – Malawi – Moz – SA. We’re planning to go with at least 2 (proper 4WD) vehicles and probably 3 for first part of the trip. Some advice, suggestions and warnings would be greatly appreciated!

I’m planning the following. I’ll put my specific questions next to each day, and then the general questions for each day of traveling would be: Is it doable time-wise and what road conditions can I expect?

Day 1: Leave Pretoria early – probably at 04:00am and make it a long day on the road all the way to Nata.

Day 2: Nata to Moremi
- Not sure if I’m too late for booking at any of the park camp sites, but will try my luck. Any good alternatives nearby the Moremi gate(s)?

Days 3 – 7: Camping at Moremi

Day 8: Moremi to Vic Falls (Baobab Camp Site)
- General questions important here, and also which route to take. Is it worth it to go via Zim, or should we to straight to Zambia. Looks like a ferry crossing to Zambia – what are the costs and queuing times involved?

Day 9: Camping at Vic Falls

Days 10 – 12: Traveling to Lake Malawi
- A lot of advice needed here, especially around camp sites (we’re good with bush camps if possible, allowed, safe etc.), preferred routes.

Days 13 – 18: Camping at Lake Malawi
- Need some suggestions on nice camping sites. Will be mainly in the south.

Days 19 – 21: Travelling to Inhassoro/Vilanculos/Pomene (still deciding)
- I know this area fairly well, but suggestion on the route and stop overs from Malawi to the Moz coast will be appreciated.

Days 22 – 26: Camping in Moz

Days 27 – 28: Back to Pretoria via Giriyondo
- Got the T-shirt for this one . What a nice route!

One last question: A friend that would really like to join is driving a Merc ML (think he has a set of A/T tires on her). Would he do OK on this route (and time of the year) or not at all? Other vehicles would be a 95 Series Prado en a Landy Defender.

Looking forward to receive some expert advice!