Further info from Dick's August 12 report:

Nights and early mornings have been cool to cold throughout our area, but should start to warm up now. However, tracksuits, fleeces and extra blankets are advised for the rest of August and early September. Expect windy days in August and September; but there is little chance of rain. Dust is a perennial nuisance in all campsite areas. Please be considerate of others, and reduce vehicle speed to walking pace within campsites.

Wildlife areas are drying out, and grazing is short in many areas including Mana Pools. Most species are now being forced to fall back on perennial water such as Chitake Spring, the Zambezi River and the Lake Kariba shoreline. Lake Kariba itself is now at a high level but falling slowly, and torpedo grass (Panicum repens) fringes are developing in many areas.

There have been many wildfires in grassland areas, and notably on the Zambezi Escarpment. These do not generally extend to the lower-lying areas of Parks, as there is usually insufficient fuel to support wildfire; nevertheless, all visitors should exercise caution with campfires, and be aware of the risk of accidentally setting wildfires in all areas.