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    Default Re: Lexus V8 or 4.5 EFI in 80 Series LC 4.2D

    IMHO the only appropriate option is a 1HD-T.
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    Default Re: Lexus V8 or 4.5 EFI in 80 Series LC 4.2D

    seeing this thread about 8 years old now, I wonder what happened with the OP?

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    Default Re: Lexus V8 or 4.5 EFI in 80 Series LC 4.2D

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandboarder View Post
    Years later from my original reply and now I can finally provide some real life input on the 1FZ vs 3UZ (updated 1UZ).

    I've test driven the 1UZ but personally prefer the 3UZ due to better low end torque. In comparison I would say the 3UZ and 1FZ is close to the same in low down torque due to the variable intake runner lengths and VVTi on the 3UZ.
    Top end the 3UZ takes the win quite far in terms of power and rev range. The engine loves to breathe and rev BUT there is a noticable change in torque from 3000rpm where the intake flaps open up which might make the engine feel like it's got a "lack" of low end but this is more to do with the sudden transition compared to the smooth torque curve on the 1FZ.
    The 3UZ is more fuel efficient but there are also more sensors and electronics to look after. As previously mentioned here, the 3UZ is a very reliable engine option IF the conversion has been done properly like any other.

    Be very careful about who does the engine conversion or maintenance as I've already paid my school fees when a well known "professional" workshop in Cape Town assured me they know these engines work when they replaced the timing belt, well turns our they did not.

    So far I don't have any major complaints on the 3UZ and would recommend it if the budget does not allow for a 6.0L Chevy
    Prepare yourself for a budget of R70k+(2020 pricing) minimum for a professional 3UZ engine swap from guys like Mark Watson, which I can personally vouch for. DO NOT fall for a cheaper engine conversion price as they usually all end up at Mark's garage for him to sort out like it should've been done in the first place.
    I agree with most of what you say. I have done a 1UZ conversion and sort of know the Lexus v8`s. They are cheap to buy and maintain. Once you start looking to add horses it becomes serious expensive. Aftermarket performance parts are only made by a handful. Yes you can turbo or supercharge them but I am a believer of purpose build engines. To run proper pistons and other mods for turbo`s is not cheap.

    If I have to do a conversion again I will use a LS1 or LT Chevy. There is no limit with power options on them and horsepower comes cheap. You can squeeze much more cubic inches into restricted engine bays as small blocks are very compact. Lexus engines with their overhead cams are wide and in most cases a mission to install. Very hard to reach stuff like exhaust manifolds once it is installed.
    I have this thing for a Shorty Cruiser with a LS1
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    It is not what you buy its what you build.

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