Series II Front Disc Brake and Power Steering Conversion

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    Default Front Disc Brake and Power Steering Conversion

    I'm looking for someone in Durban (Upper Highway area) who can help me with a front disc brake and power steering converson on my old 1963 SII. This is my daily runner and we do a lot of long trips so I want to make him a little safer.

    I've got an awesme mechanic who was going to help me out but he's unavailable indefinitely.

    Basically I want to replace the old drum brakes with discs. I'm using 15" rims. The drums have just been an on-going pain in the rectum.

    Power Steering:
    I want to remove the old steering box and maybe use a univeral joint on the column to go straight down to the power steering box at the front Possible?
    I want to get rid of the box because there is far too much play and the old boy likes to wander. The powersteering will only exentuate this problem. So I'd prefer to bipass it alltogether.
    Other option was add a ram on the front?
    Anyone have any experience of what works best?

    The Landy:
    1963 Series IIA
    Short Wheel Base 88"
    Ford V6 engine (I'm expecting some raised eyebrows, but I love this engine!)
    15" steel rims
    Cooper AT 31x10x50 tyres (if this makes any difference)

    Thanks a lot!!!!
    Any suggestions are most certainly welcome!
    Andy and Wimpy - the Landy
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    2008 Defender Puma 2.4
    1963 Series IIA

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