Grootkrans (Kestell) 4x4 Jamboree 22-24 Sep 2007

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    Post Grootkrans (Kestell) 4x4 Jamboree 22-24 Sep 2007

    Grootkrans will be holding an inaugural 4x4 jamboree for 4x4 motor vehicles and quad bikes over the long weekend of 22 to 24 September 2007. The following special offer is available for the weekend:

    Unlimited use of the various 4x4 trails and tracks: R 150.00 per 4x4/ATV
    Camping for two nights under the Holkrans rock overhang: R 150.00 per person.
    Children under 12 – free. Hiking - free

    The programme is as follows:

    Sat 22 Sep:
    11:00 – 14:00 Registration and camp preparation
    15:00 – 16:00 Briefing
    16:00 – 18:00 Playtime: Ramps-and-mud
    Evening: Whatever you want to do at the camp site
    Sun 23 Sep:
    09:00 – 13:00 Familiarization with the trails - time to explore the farm and view the San rock art
    13:00 – 14:00 Lunch : (firewood and braai facilities provided)
    14:00 – 18:00 Special event competitions based on driver competency
    Evening: Whatever you want to do at the camp site
    Mon 24 Sep:
    09:00 – 13:00 Lounge-around and do a bit of hiking (on foot)
    By special arrangement (R100 per vehicle extra):
    Motor vehicles: Leisurely drive to Qwa-Qwa Nature reserve
    Quads: Drive across trails on adjacent farms
    14:00 Pack-up. Depart for home

    The Holkrans rock overhang provides shelter for approximately 20 tents, (40-60 people). There are male/female ablution facilities with water-borne sewerage, showers, a bath for the ladies, basins, all with hot and cold water.

    Visitors must bring their own tents, mattresses and bedding, camping equipment and food and drink. Don’t forget lamps and torches – there isn’t electricity at the camp site. We will provide wood and drinking water.

    Please be aware that right of admission is reserved and that the customary 4x4 rules-and-regulations will be strictly applied.

    We can accommodate only about 60 campers, prior booking is absolutely essential. You can contact us at the email address [email protected] or phone either Joan at 079 498 3810 or Adriaan at 082 600 6261. If you can’t get through to us, please leave a clear voice-mail message and we will phone you back.

    Please see the previous thread on Grootkrans 4x4 trails and visit our website at to find out how to get here and learn more about Grootkrans.

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    Default Scheduled 22-24 Sep 2007 Jamboree Update

    We've had our trails checked and graded by Derek Pieterse and his 4x4 "manne" from Harrismith. The trail's gradings vary from 2 to 5 and each section's grading is indicated on a map so that you can decide at what level you want to drive. You can then gradually progress to a higher one. We now know that we can present our inaugural Jamboree on 22-24 September 2007 with pride. View the latest pictures on our website

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    Default 22-24 Sep '07 Jamboree Cancelled

    Sorry, we have to cancel our Jamboree for next week-end due to a devastating veld fire. The place is toast.

    Be back in business with once it rains!!!

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    Default Re: Grootkrans (Kestell) 4x4 Jamboree 22-24 Sep 2007

    12 Years later...

    Does anyone know if this holkrans ever became a commercial camping spot?

    It is a an awesome spot.
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