Dual battery charge question

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    Default Dual battery charge question


    I have dual battery system in my Colt , National Luna.

    My system is a removable sytem. By this I mean, the solenoid is permanently fixed in the engine bay, fom there I have cables that go to the back of my bakkie, hella plug, connects to the second battery, in a box with plugs for the fridges, lights, etc! (Not the box NL sells, build my own system, controller is fitted behind the rear seat!)

    My problem is, when I connect the second battery, and the timer on the solenoid goes on, it tells me on the controller that the main battery overcharge and when the solenoid engage, it also tell me the second battery overcharge! But when I dont have the second battery connected, the main battery works fine and all the lights on the display is lit.

    So what could be the problem here? I have measured the voltage when charging and it is round about 14,7 V

    Anyone that maybe knows what the problem could be, it would be much appreciated!

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    This is not my forte, but in my book 14,7v is a bit high.

    I remember it being 13,8-14,2v max
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