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    Smile Buying Pajero Advice

    Hi Everyone

    I need some help here.

    I am currently looking into buying a 4x4 SUV.
    Was looking at a fortuner and was actually on the verge of signing and decided against it. 2 Main reasons. The Security issue and it was not a 4x4. I have driven a 2006 Hilux Raider 2x4 and was totally happy with it and sold since I want something for in the like of a SUV. So I'm not bad mouthing the Fortuner, still love it, but there I really think the security issue is getting out of hand with the hiluxes and the fortuners which is a pity for all toyota owners.

    I have posted kind of the exact same question on the Hilux forum and please, I once again state that I'm not badmouthing the fortuner, but I think the Pajero will work for what I need.

    So basically there are 2 choices in the Pajero Sport as I see it.
    The Auto and the manual. The latter being the newly released one, which currently are out of my price range.

    I'm thus looking for a Auto. I guess looking at the same budget but will probably also be fine to go over the R280 - R300 mark. However, since there isnt alot of them available second hand, I take it that the fortuners second hand price will be more competitive. However, that being said, POST 2009 Diesel 4x4 fortuners all go for more than R300k with decent km's on the clock. If I am wrong I apologise, hence the reason I am looking at the Pajero Sport. Also looking for decent km's.

    Saw one on Auto Trader. 2009 with 25k on clock for R299k. That is not bad if I compare the other prices.

    My questions...

    1. What price am I looking at?
    2. Any personal experience on the Pajero Sport other than noted on the Pajero Sport thread?

    Is the auto gearbox bad?

    Any information would be helpful.

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