Nooitgedacht Dam

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    I am planning a long weekend to Nooitgedacht Dam outside Carolina. Can anyone give me information on the following:

    What camp facilities are there?
    Contact details of the camping site?
    What is the fishing like?

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    Nooitgedacht dam is one of my favourite fishing spots. However I have last been there about a year ago. Fishing is good however I must admit that I am not a pro fisherman as yet. Maybe there are others out there who can tell u more.

    The dam is well maintained and always kept tidy, their ablusion blocks are in a fair condition. Never camped there, only went for day visits. It is quite a safe place with security access control. Contact details? Unfortunately I don't have any.

    Please note that all my advice is from a year or more ago. It maybe different now.

    Hope I am of help to you - I see you posted this in April so maybe you have already been there and can tell me what its like now....

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