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    Quote Originally Posted by mariusrautenbach View Post
    I'm confused.. My car (not disco) has a tare weight of 1077kg and GVM of 1540kg.
    I am looking at a Jurgens XT75. Would I be able to tow one legally?

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    You need to find you GCM, which is your gross combination mass, ie total maximum mass of your vehicle and trailer. And deduct you GVM which will give you your weight you can legally tow.

    Also any trailer that has a GVM of more than 750kg needs overrun brakes. Also bear in mind according to South African law you may not tow a trailer exceeding your tow vehicle tare MASS even if your vehicle spec allows it without service brakes ( not overrun brakes).
    Remember your vehicles tare does not include, fuel, spare tyre and passengers. You also need to add the trailer towball induced weight to your car's load, so if your trailers towbar weight is 100kg, you need to add that to your car's load.

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