Nuvi 710 screen hang!

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    Default Nuvi 710 screen hang!

    Hi all,

    I wonder if any of you have experienced this or know what an effective solution may be?

    I was navigating perfectly with my Nuvi 710 and T4A (latest version) in Gonarezhou when my screen (and thus unit) completely hung! I couldnt get past the first screen, as I was unable to press any buttons on the screen. The unit also wouldnt automatically go to the map after a while when just driving.

    This meant i packed it up, and followed my nose the rest of the time! Very frustrating! Upon returning, I Googled and found out that sometimes certain Nuvis do this, and one has to switch it off, hold your finger in the bottom right of the screen and switch on. The unit will give you the option of resetting. The problem with this, is that you lose ALL your data! All tracks, downloaded routes etc.

    Can anyone shed some light on this issue at all? I purchased the unit second hand from a forum member 2 weeks ago, so have no warranty recourse at all, and Im not sure if the unit will do exactly the same thing the next time Im offroad??

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    I had the same issue with my 760 sometime ago, and also found that Google 'fix' and tried it. Worked for while, but issue returned. Did some thinking about the time it worked to when it started playing up and recalled did upgrade to unit from Garmin site. I downgraded the version to previous and haven't had the issue since.

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    Thanks for the feedback tarps! Ill try that!

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    Did you try a reset on the unit. It fixed my unit's hanging/freeze problem. Mine was so bad it would hang when putting the password in.

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    Hi Dion,

    Yip, did that, and it seems to be okay (for now!) Will monitor it and see... I just dont really feeling the same thing happening when Im in the bush again! It WILL frustrate!!!

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