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    Default Traded in my 2009 Fortuner on a 2006 Pajero - as a cost savings exercvise

    Just thought I'ld give some feedback after my 1st week with my "new" 2006 Pajero.

    As a cost savings exercise I traded in my 2009 Toyota Fortuner (4.0 V6 EPIC 4x4 - auto AWD) on a 2006 Pajero 3.8 GLS (gen 3) Auto.

    Firstly, let me just state - I enjoyed the Fortuner, and no, it didn't roll and was steady on the road ;-), but for various reasons I decided to decrease my debt and after getting a good trade-in, especially considering I "down traded" money wise - I bought the Pajero below last week.

    Last week was mainly town driving to work and back, but over the weekend went away to Langebaan with some friends, so did my 1st open road with the Pajero where I could compare it with my previous Fortuner.

    My 09 Fortuner had 68000 km's on the closck and was as new, the 06 Pajero has 92000 km's and is also in great condition.

    Below my initial opinions on the two vehicles:

    1. Seating Space : Pajero

    The Pajero has better seating space, front and rear than the Fortuner.
    The Pajero's fold away 3rd row seats also better that the Fortuners side one's.

    2. Auto box : Pajero

    At 120/130 km/ph on cruise control, the Pajero's auto was just slightly smoother than my Fortuners. The main difference being when going on slight uphills - the Pajero's auto was not as noticable when changing down to keep up speed, also seemed to change down less.

    3. Load bin space : Tied

    With the rear seats in, the Pajero wins because the seats fold away, whereas the Fortuners seats take up space on the side, but with the Fortuners seats removed - it felt as if the Fortuner had slightly more space than the Pajero. Therefore the tie.

    4. Fuel consumption : Fortuner

    I got about 1 km per liter better fuel consumption with the Fortuner's 4.0 V6 than with the Pajero's 3.8 V6.

    My avg fuel consumption on the Pajero was 6.5 km/l on the open road, and in town about 5.8 km/l (according to the computer), my Fortuner would give me around 6.7 to 7.5 km/l for equivalent driving.

    5. Tar road ride / handling : Pajero

    It just felt more planted than the Fortuner, especially on the winding roads behind Durbanvlle (Contermanskloof etc)

    6. Value for money : Tied

    The reason I say tied is because 2nd-hand the Pajero is probably better value for money than the Fortuner, but I suspect that if bought new - the Fortuner would loose less on trade-in than the Pajero. So as a new but - Fortuner, but 2nd-hand - Pajero , imo.

    7. Interior looks / gadgets etc: Pajero, but only just.

    The Pajero has more eg: Sunroof, 6 CD shuttle, tape-deck , temp sensor, information display, but the Fortuner has steering wheel controls which the Pajero hasn't. The sound quality is about the same, maybe just in favour of the Pajero. Other things pretty even, leather, auto adjustable front seats etc.

    8. Engine - Fortiuner, but only just

    IMO the 4.0 V6 is one of the best petrol motors out there, and it has more power than the Pajero's 3.8, even though with the Pajero's auto box you don't feel the difference that much. The Pajero's sound better though, but the main reason I give it to the Fortuner is due to it's better petrol consumption, and it seems a more simple motor wrt spark plug replacement etc. Driving wise, very similar, but I prefer the Pajero's automatic transmission.

    I haven't towed or gone off-road yet, but I suspect the Pajero witll tow just as nicely, and off-road I suspect the Fortuner would probably be slightly better due to ground clearance etc.

    All in all - my 2006 Pajero seems a lot of car for the money. Would prefer not to have bought a black one, but with the low kilos and condition -
    I'll live with the color ...... now to go look for my old cassette tapes
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    Fortuner 4.0 V6 EPIC 4x4

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    Thanks for as honest opinion as possible. I have never owned a Fortuner, but this is most probably what I would have expected.

    Because you bought older (for the right reasons), you didn't get the uprated MIVEC motor (some 30kw more) or the much improved sound system and plenty other little mod-cons that a '09 Pajero (same year as the Fortuner in question) would have brought to the party.

    I hope you bought your Pajero with a new timing belt in place, if not - remember it needs a new belt at 90k.

    If you need more load space, remember the 3rd seat clips out and then you have a massive load bin under the boot floor.

    Hope you have a wonderful relationship with your new car.


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    thanks Roelf

    Yes, the timing belt and the spark plugs were replaced on the 90000 km service a few months ago - I bought the vehicle on just under 92000 km's.

    Would have loved the newer Pajero, but as I was trying to save money - this older one with fairly low kilo's suited me better financially.

    All the best
    Fortuner 4.0 V6 EPIC 4x4

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