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    Default Negative experiences in Sanparks what to do

    Unfortunately all is not always rosy and well when we visit a Sanparks park. It could be that the accommodation was not up to scratch or that the reception had a bad day or simply other visitors behaving like juvenile delinquents and spoiling it for every one.

    It is vitally important for these complaints to get escalated to the right channels and that is not always the front desk at the camp. The only way these complaints can be sorted and avoided in future is if you take the time to log it so that something can be done about it. Sanparks take a serious view on this as that is the best way to improve their performance.

    SANParks has a dedicated channel for general complaints and you are encouraged to please use this channel.

    All general complaints are to be emailed to [email protected] .

    You can also take the following steps:

    - Fill in the Guest feedback form (all the data gets stored in a database and is analyzed on a "global" scale once month. The main goal is to establish which parks/camps are managed well and which not, and put appropriate measures with management where necessary.)


    - Fill in the Feedback form for complaints (this handles the emails as "cases" by forwarding them to the responsible department for follow up and resolution.)

    Kruger National Park Emergency Call Centre:[/u][/b]
    Guests who observe people disobeying the rules and regulations of the KNP to report their observations to the 24-hour KNP Emergency Call Centre For issues in the camp one can also use the number listed for the camp on the leaflet issued to you at the gate upon entry.

    Rule breakers should be reported to [email protected]. Yes, people should include as much information such date, road, time etc.

    the guy to report any incidents to is Ammon Mhaule:-

    [email protected] 013 735 4325/072 302 9931

    He DOES take things seriously ... please try and get photos of the offenders and the licence plate of the vehicle they are driving ... these people can be traced and prosecuted.

    I sincerely hope that you never need this but if things are not right please take the time and be part of the solution.
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    24-hour KNP Emergency Call Centre on (013) 735 4325

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    They are very quick to respond too. I recently reported a problem at Jubilee Creek and it was attended to within a few days. Very impressed. Use the forum as well, staff read it 24/7 and respond on Sundays as well !
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    The rulebreaker contact seems to have changed...

    • If you wish to report people for breaking rules at the park by means of visuals, please send these pictures to Johannes Nel, (Chief Traffic Officer: Dept of Protection and Traffic Services) on his email [email protected] or contact him on 0137354370/0736318682 to report such incidences. In your email, please include the following:

    1. When/where the picture was taken
    2. State if the picture taken by yourself.
    3. By submitting these sorts of images, state if you will be able to sign an affidavit of occurrence.

    (Source: "SANParks - Kruger national Park Group" on Facebook)
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