Pretoria to Nairobi 7Days! Advice please!

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    Default Pretoria to Nairobi 7Days! Advice please!

    We are going to Nairobi, Kenya 24May. We were hoping to see a bit of Africa on our way to Nairobi and back. Unfortunately we only have 2weeks of which 4days will need to be spend at the conference. Is is feasible/possible/wortwhile to travel up in 7Days and possibly another route back? We have a Cruiser Troopy with normal&tooftop tents. What routes can you suggest? Maybe fastest route TO Nairobi and nicest route back? We would like to stop for SCUBA too if possible. Any suggestions, advice, warnings?? Please!

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    Fly. It's tar the whole way, but you'll be completely dead when you get there. Also, do the math regarding the wear and tear on your vehicle, and you'll find that flying on a package deal that includes a week at a coastal resort is a lot cheaper than driving.

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    I've answered already at your PM.

    It is simply impossible. Look on the map

    The route is 3800 km one way through ZIM.
    That means over 500 km per day.
    It is 5 borders.

    It is, when you car needs 15 l on 100, R 8600, if it needs 20 l, R 11400.
    One way. Without any fees for the car, visas, road fees, etc.

    Fly and take a rented car,
    there are some with rtt available,
    at Kenya go and visit:

    Tsavo East
    Tsavo West

    Thats 1100 km without gamedrives.

    You will drive half a day to Amboseli,
    spend 2 and a half day there
    than drive half day to Tsavo,
    spend 2 and half day there,
    spend a day at Tsavo West
    drive back visit Nairobi National Park.

    If any time left,
    drive up to Lake Nakuru National Park.
    Thats another 500 km.


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