Hi All
I have been doing some research about remapping my 2003 disco 2 td5 es auto
and would like your help in making a decision, i understand that doing remap will likely shorten the life of the engine due to more pressure and strain on parts, i do know a madman with a egt monitor is also essential.
What i would like to find out from people in the know is what different types of maps are there, what benefits where there eg

Map: European Remap (just made this up)
Performance: + 30kw
Fuel Consumption: better urban - 10 open road -8 to the hundred
Egt: 5degrees Increase in operating temp
Installer: Landyonline, Torguetune, Steves Auto Clinc, landytech, etc
Cost: R3500
Kilos: 50000
Problems: None, nothing replaced
Opinion: Perfomance increase is great and i would do it again
How: It works by ticking the computer that is running cooler and is below sea level

If you don't know all the stuff still post some what you know, i am sure this will help td5 owners

Thanks for all your input