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    Default RAV4 OME Suspension Lift

    Hi There

    I've recently bought a 2012 Rav4 which I'm very happy with. The only area that I'd like to improve is the ground clearance. Does anyone have any experience with lifting a Rav4, say with an OME Suspension Kit ?

    Appreciate any assistance and or suggestions.


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    I've seen 225.70.r17 AT tyres fitted to the pre face lift RaV (2008/9). That should be good for an additional 11mm of ground clearance. Unfortunately I did not have oppertunity to chat to the owner on his experience and performance drop with the tyres.

    Koni lists replacement shocks in their catalogue but no data on lift, if any. I dont know if OME has something for the Rav. Suspension lifts as far as I understand only lifts the body and does not improve ground clearance but should improve approach/departure and break over angles.

    To be honest this is a subject I also have interest in so I hope there is some more feedback.

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