3.5 V8 Landy starting problem

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    Default 3.5 V8 Landy starting problem

    Hi All

    I'm having problems with starting my Landy in the morning.

    Here's the story:

    I usually work on my own cars.
    I took the Landy in a few weeks ago just for a general check up and to get someone else's opinion to make sure everything is in good working order.
    Before this the Landy would stand for a week, you get in her cold or hot day, pull the choke touch the ignition and she would purr.

    So a few things were done. When I got her back couple of grand later.
    she now battles to start in the morning, you can drive her home tonight and tomorrow morning it will take you 5 to 10 min to get her started.
    The next thing that's gonna go is the starter or battery, and who will pay?

    I don't like bad mouthing people so i won't mention their name.

    I phone them, They have "only set the timing, It can't be 2 degrees on the timing". "Now something else is wrong" That they will obviously charge me for
    I can bring it in ,but not today they busy.

    So i took it back and they set the timing back "to where it was"
    and guess what, now it's worse

    Am I wrong in saying?

    The car was right before I took it in.
    When it came back it wasn't .

    Who's responsible?

    1. Do i fight them and if they can find something else wrong I end up throwing my name away amongst the few Landy owners in George because they will
    know 80% of them.

    2. Do I take it back and tell them to fix the problem and maybe end up with a huge bill.

    3. Do I take it to someone else and end up with a bill in anyway.

    4. Do I fiddle with it myself and get it sorted eventually.

    I think maybe nr. 4 is best?

    I'm also not a Mechanic but I'm hands on so any advise on timing tricks etc. on those V8's will be appreciated.

    I would not mention my door handle witch was also working fine.


    Landy Defender 110 3.5 V8

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    Eish Stephan I am sorry to hear that

    After I changed the HT leads and put on a new Distributor cap on mine it started much easier. What is the condition of yours?

    Do you have a timing light?

    See if Dave can have a look at it for you.
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    does yours have SU's?
    does it have sufficient oil in the SU's?
    did they mess with them?
    a 3.5 is normally so forgiving (timing can be out by miles) and she will still start easy. if however someone messed with the SU's, you will freak.
    does it have points? if so, take the cap off, turn the motor and check the points open and close. with the ignition on, turn the motor and see if there is a little spark over the points as they open.
    normally used proverb with the older Fords (holds true for the Rover as well) "as daar spark en petrol is, moet hy loop".
    only exception is if someone dismantled something serious.

    Land Rovers never die, they simply become organ donors!

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    Check if the choke operate when you pull it, maybe they "set" it aswell.

    89 110 3.5 V8

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    Sorry to hear I had a simalar problem some time ago It was the two SU's , it is sorted out now If someone tampers with those SU's and they don;t know these carbs , it can and will become a nightmare !! Once they are sorted , its a real pleasure
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