Merc A-class spares

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    Default Merc A-class spares

    Hi All,

    I am looking for a breakers or supplier of Merc spares.

    The part I suspect is faulty is the MAP sensor on the vehicle but Merc wants almost R4000 for a part I am not sure is faulty.

    Does anyone know where to get merc spares at reasonable prices?

    Also how can I test the MAP sensor?
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    An option might be Masterpats ( ). Although they are in the WC, this is what they say about delivery:

    "In the Western Cape, Masterparts delivers free of charge to all areas demarcated on the map, when purchase value allows.
    Our Windhoek branch delivers to all areas within the Windhoek city limits.
    If you are outside of these areas please consult a salesman about overnight or economy deliveries. We offer excellent rates for freight and can arrange for your order to be delivered to your door the following morning."

    Hope it helps.

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    Google majestic motors. They are in pretoria north and will most probably have your part. Just be very aware that once they have parted with your cash you will not get a refund if its the incorrect part[they will tell you its the correct part] or if its faulty. I do not like dealing with them, but since they are the only 2nd hand merc spares option youll have to go that route. I recommend taking the car there, plugging in the part and making sure it works before payment. You have been warned.

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