Recently while checking my vehicle insurance for a cross border trip, I came across a clause that limited my cover to 30 consequative days in a year. As I will be doing a least 2 trips out of the country totaling more than 30 days, I was a bit concerned about this.

After great difficulty I managed to get some clarity on this - the call centre people were incorrect, confused and useless. What my insurer (Hollard) means is that no trip can be longer than 30 days outside of the country. i.e. If you go to Zim for 25 days and then cross directly into Moz for 10 days, you are not covered for the last 5 days in Moz. However, you can make as many sub 31 day trips out of the country in an insured year as you want. (There was no clarity as to why they had the "1 year" part in the clause, but did say that it refered to an insured year and not a calendar year!!!)

Santam have a similar clause but have told me that this does not apply to holiday/pleasure trips.

People going on extended trips should check with their insurers as to how they are covered.