Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria info wanted

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    Default Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria info wanted

    Hi all, any of you expats working in Nigeria have any info you can share on Calabar? Mate of mine is off to Calabar on a two to three month contract and is battling to find out good (or bad) info about the town and the area. All help welcome.
    Thanks, Tony

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    Default Calabar.

    Hi Tony,
    I am in Calabar at the moment. Things are OK here if you are sensible. Stay clear of any place where you attract attention. It is like any old place in Africa, can be fine the one day and, well, not so fine the next. That said, some of my American co-workers go out every night to dodgy places, they are all back the next morning, well at least so far. There is talk of one kidnapping this week, not confirmed though.
    If you work here on contract basis, your company will have things in place to keep you safe, but do not always bank on it.
    If this is your first contact with West Africa, buckle up
    Come with an open mind, good heart, smile on your dial and you will be fine
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