Stop over between chimoio and tete

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    Default Stop over between chimoio and tete

    Hi all,

    We started our journey from jburg to malawi last Friday - so far so good. Thanks to all your help so far. Writing a full trip report but in brief we are in tofo- roads all great until now and Komatiport border only 40 minutes. Pulled over a few times but only fined once (our fault we were over the limited hadn't seen 60 sign) so far it's an amazing experience. The Toyota sas a good choice has done is well so far ...touch wood!

    We leave vilankulo on Friday and plan on going to chimoio before carrying on to Blantyre. If we make chimoio in good time we thought we would try and carry on leaving us more time at the border on Saturday. We can seem to find and rest stops between chimoio and Tete. Any recommendations?

    As always really appreciate all your feedback


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    Hi there

    Chimoio not really a great stopover unless you have business there. I got this email via but have not checked it out: "Hi Mike- we can be contacted at [email protected] , i believe our current charge is 10 USD$ per person per night, but we havent had any stopover guests for a while so It could have gone up or down. Folks need to bring their own tents. We dont really advertise or anything. Its just been for friends as its just on our farm. But in the near future we hope to have a sign up on the highway and someone to "run" it.
    We do know of several GREAT hotel options in the area though- Lamimos, Garuso, anda bit further south of Chimoio, towards Sussnedenga is the Ndzou Eco lodge which is amazing!
    There are also lots of options in and around Chimoio- its kinda sad that many of them aren't hilighted in the tourist books since everyone seems to think there is nothing in Chimoio! "

    Catandica is about 2 hrs on good roads from Tete:

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    Hi there

    Details below..
    I have spoken to this lady in Jan 2015. Seems legit, they are based in Chimoio.
    Before a unexpected change in plans, we were going to overnight at this spot.

    PS When you are in Blantyre, try and visit Majete wildlife reserve in the Lower Shire valley if you can. Its about 65km from Blantyre on a nice and slow, scenic drive. They have a rustic, unfenced community campsite.

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