How to connect a Mobile Antenna Connector

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    Default How to connect a Mobile Antenna Connector

    I figured this post is long overdue, so here it is, courtesy of Telegartner.

    We use a slightly different connector whereby the braiding is peeled backwards over the cable and the connector is then screwed onto the cable. The only soldering required is right at the tip of the centre pin. Leave sufficient slack so that the cable wire sticks out slightly, solder the connector pin and then trim the excess wire off. Take care not to blob solder on the outer diameter of the centre pin.

    Take care when soldering with Resin-core solder (i.e. the RED Reel, NOT the Black or Green solder reels) that you only solder the centre pin as shown in the PDF file.

    If you have a Digital Multimeter (or other test means), ensure that there is no continuity between the centre pin and the outer casing, but there should be continuity between the outer casing and the body/chassis of the vehicle and also continuity between the centre pin of the connector and the whip of the antenna. Any other meter readings indicating continuity are fault conditions.

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