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    Default Best Route To Mana Pools

    I am Planning a trip to Kasane in Sept and would like to proceed to Mana Pools. What is the best route -via Zim or Zambia?What camp sites are recommended ?

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    Good day and welcome to the forum.

    I think most would agree that the best route would be via Zambia .... Kazangula ferry, Livingstone, Mazabuka and Chirundu. Just be aware that Chirundu border post is very busy and you may be hassled for a police clearance certificate here, so get this before leaving SA. Also don't forget that you have to drive past the Mana Pools entrance after Chirundu in order to check in at the Park HQ at Marongora before going the short way back to the Mana turnoff. Also you usually have to check in at Marongora before 15H00 otherwise they won't let you in.

    Best camps at Mana?
    It depends on how big your group is, how much you are prepared to spend, how self sufficient you are regarding water supplies and toilet facilities and how much you like really wild camps.
    Top of my list would be Chitake Springs camp (campsite no 1), it is really wild with no ablutions but also the most expensive. If there are quite a few of you in the group the shared costs will help. The charges here are for the camp site, not per person.
    Of the other also expensive exclusive sites along the Zambezi, I would suggest any of the 3 Mucheni sites, although most of the other exclusive sites have their merits. Once again absolutely minimal facilities.
    There is nothing wrong with the main camp at Nyamepi but it is quite a big camp site. Of course not for your exclusive use, but a lot cheaper if you are a small group. Decent ablutions and water available. You may want to take your own drinking water, the supply is direct from the Zambezi, which we drank. At Nyamepi you can book riverside camp sites, which are more expensive but worth it. At the end of the day you may have to choose what is available, so book soon. Mana Pools will be superb in September. Just take Tse-Tse Fly repellant with you. You may want to have a look at an oldish trip report of mine at

    Obtain up to date prices for the camps from the website
    Booking is not easy and I suggest you work through Christina, really a cut above the rest.
    -Christina Mhuriro
    Reservations Agent
    Central Booking Office
    CNR Borrowdale and Sandringham Drive
    Box cy 140
    Tel 00263 4 706077/8
    fax 00263 4 793867
    Email: [email protected] OR [email protected]

    Good luck and enjoy your trip.

    Landcruiser 76SW.

    “Great journeys are memorable not so much for what you saw, but for where you camped”.

    At least "Once a year go someplace you have never been before" Delai Lama.

    Trans East Africa 2015/2016 Trip report from post 315.

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    Default Mlibizi Ferry to Kariba Town

    Travelling through Zambia is expensive and the borders are chaotic. You may like to consider travelling through Zimbabwe to Mlibizi and taking the ferry to Kariba. The drive to Mlibizi is very pretty through some stunning hills and, from what I have been told, the ferry is great fun. Check out the website: You will find their schedules and rates.

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    Thank you Stan and Gill - the info is useful. Appreciate.Regards

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